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Electric cars and sustainable upholstery: another great project for TAM students was to design and create a sustainable fabric for the seating of a new Italian electric car. The project was commissioned by AUNDE, a multinational company specialized in developing and manufacturing upholstery and innovative textiles for the automotive industry.

The Biella textile production is usually associated with the fashion and clothing sector, therefore this project which involved TAM students designing and creating a fabric for car upholstery made big news. In fact, this project was selected among 4 others as the most innovative project of the year and was presented at the Maker Faire 2019 in Rome, the most important European event dedicated to innovation.

An incredible challenge for TAM students and a wonderful experience to operate directly with the companies involved, firstly AUNDE who commissioned this project and then with the collaboration of two other companies: Marchi & Fildi and Tintoria Ferraris. A great example of TAM’s philosophy: the importance of education in both the classroom and in the real working world.